Rates card/ Media kit for Vtubers

Rates card/ Media kit for Vtubers

Vtuber rates card

Creating a rates card as an influencer is essential to let brands know how much your charging for your content and what you would be expecting  for your different platforms and content.
Just as with In Real Life influencers, Vtubers also need to create a rate card to help them out when dealing with brands and pricing their content lets explore how Vtubers should create and price their content when becoming a Vtuber influencer. 

What is a rates card ?

Vtuber rates card


A rates card, also known as a rate sheet, is a document that outlines the various services provided by an influencer, including their associated prices. It typically includes information such as the influencer’s preferred social media platforms, the types of brands they are willing to work with, and their contact details.


Rate cards can be a valuable tool for influencers to connect with brands and other influencers, as they provide an easy way for interested parties to review all of the influencer’s services in one place. By using a rate card, influencers can also establish a fair price for their content and services, allowing potential clients to determine if they fit within their budget.


Why should you use a rates card?

Influencer rates example


If you’re an influencer, a rate card is an important tool that can help you earn more money and set clear boundaries with brands. Many influencers are underpaid because they don’t establish their prices or content guidelines effectively. A rate card can help ensure you’re paid fairly and that your content isn’t undervalued.


Using a rate card can also save you time and make it easier to secure brand deals. If you offer a lot of different services on multiple social media platforms, it can be difficult for brands to find the right content for them. A rate card presents all your prices in one place, making it simpler for brands to see your services.


A rates card doesn’t  have to be inflexible. They can be customized to fit your services and pricing preferences. For example, some influencers offer package deals that include a variety of content across all their platforms for a set price.

This gives brands a better understanding of what you can offer and can help you get more engagement on your social media accounts.


how to make a rates card

Before creating your rate card, it’s important to do market research to determine the going rate for your services. This will ensure you’re pricing your content competitively and give you room to negotiate if necessary. It’s important not to undervalue your work, especially if you have a lot of experience.


Creating a rate card is easy and can be done using a simple spreadsheet. It should clearly list your services and their corresponding prices. If you want to make your rate card more visually appealing, you can use design programs like Canva or Adobe Illustrator.


What to include in a rates card?

You can customize your rate card to match your services in a clear and concise way. However, there are some important details that should be included in every rate card. Here are the top five things to include in your rate card.


1. Name and a short bio

It’s important to include your full name and a brief introduction about yourself in your rates card, even though it may seem obvious. Many influencers are known by their online pseudonyms, which can make it difficult for brands to contact them directly.


By providing your full name on the rate card, you are introducing yourself as an individual rather than just your content. A brief introduction can help brands understand your content better and show that you are a competent and approachable influencer.


2. Contact information

Social media has allowed us to connect with people from around the world with a simple message. Despite this globalized connectivity, it can still be hard for brands to reach certain influencers. If you have a lot of active followers across all of your platforms, your DMs may be completely full on a regular basis.


Thus, it may be beneficial to include your phone number and business email address within your rate card. Therefore, you can build a simple line of communication with a brand and ensure that you do not lose track of important messages or documents.


3. The type of content you are willing to create

In the “Services” section of your rates card, it’s crucial to list all the content creation services you offer, such as video content, Livestream shopping with Vtubers and chat examples, and posts. Being specific about what you can provide will prevent any confusion or miscommunication with brands.


Moreover, this section is an excellent opportunity to highlight your previous collaborations with other brands if you have them . You can list the brand names or include their logos to showcase your expertise in particular markets and demonstrate your credibility to potential clients.


4. Prices for your content

In this section of the rate card, you should outline the pricing for each type of content you offer, either through a table, individual boxes, or simple sentences.

It is crucial to set appropriate prices that reflect the value of your services, but you should also remain open to negotiation as some brands may be willing to pay more for a good fit with their image. Package deals can also be included in this section.


5. Payment Methods

Choosing a payment method is a crucial part of the rates card, as it can affect how influencers receive their payments for their services. Some influencers prefer Paypal for secure transactions, while others prefer bank transfers. ENVtubers provide both payment methods, please review the FAQ to find out more.


By deciding on a payment method beforehand, influencers can ensure that they are paid correctly once the project is complete.

In the rapidly expanding world of influencer marketing, it is vital for influencers to be fairly compensated for their work. A rates card is a valuable tool for influencers to take control of their content and secure their financial stability.

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By becoming a VTuber, you’ll have the opportunity to build a global fan base and connect with people from all over the world.

You’ll also have access to a range of support services, including content creation, merchandising, and live appearances, provided by reputable VTuber talent agencies and platforms.


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