2023 Vtubing for Beginners

2023 Vtubing for Beginners

Vtubing is now starting to become mainstream

Now is the best time to start learning about VTubing and once you have developed your skills and established a fanbase then to move on to become a Vtuber influencer at ENVtuber.agency

The rise of vtubers

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It’s not just you – the rise of adorable avatars on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok hasn’t gone unnoticed. Nowadays, you can find VTubers and PNGTubers of all types streaming in almost every category. If this trend persists, streamers who use avatars may eventually surpass those who use webcams. If you’re unfamiliar with VTubing, read on to learn more.

There are multiple reasons why virtual avatars have become popular among streamers. Firstly, they allow streamers to remain anonymous and prioritize their safety on social media platforms. Additionally, avatars provide a medium for creative expression.

VTubers often craft a backstory and personality for their virtual character, with some incorporating aspects of their own personalities while others embrace entirely different personas. The VTuber community features a range of fantastical characters, including faeries, demons, and angels, as well as anthropomorphic animals like cats and foxes.

Ultimately, the possibilities for creative expression in the VTuber realm are limitless.

The world of VTubing

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is vast and immersive, complete with its own unique language, support system, and culture. Within the community, there are VTubers catering to both adult audiences and those seeking more wholesome content.

If you’re considering starting your own VTubing journey, here are a few key steps to keep in mind (though this list is not exhaustive):

  • Develop a character style guide and backstory.
  • Choose between PNG, 3D, or 2D for your avatar model (further details on each option below).
  • Utilize appropriate software to create your model – 2D models require PSD files, while PNG models require PNG files. 3D models require specialized software. If creating your own avatar isn’t your forte, consider commissioning an artist.
  • If you opt for a 2D model, you’ll need to learn how to rig it for animation. If rigging isn’t your skill set, consider hiring a specialist.
  • Establish a social media presence for your VTuber, start building connections, and plan your debut.

Before diving into the creation of your VTuber avatar, it’s important to establish a style guide and backstory to ensure a consistent and cohesive design. Start by crafting a backstory that influences your avatar’s appearance, such as their species, hair and eye color, and clothing.

Consider whether you want a bust-up, waist-up, knee-up, or full-body model, as this will affect the amount of work and cost required. Keep in mind that additional outfits will also require more time and resources. By taking the time to develop a solid style guide and backstory, you can bring your avatar to life and create a more engaging experience for your viewers.

2D vs 3D vs PNG

There are three types of VTuber avatars to choose from: PNGTuber, 2D, and 3D. PNGTuber avatars are the simplest and least expensive, making them a popular choice for beginners.

However, many streamers eventually upgrade to 2D or 3D avatars once they have built a following and income. The quality of your avatar will depend on the skills of the artist and rigger (for 2D models) or animator (for 3D models) that you hire.

If you don’t have artistic skills, you may need to purchase a VTuber avatar or learn to use software programs that require significant skill. We’ll provide some program recommendations below to help you get started.

2D VTuber Avatars

A 2D VTuber avatar consists of flat, 2D art that has been rigged to allow movement. The avatar is created by drawing its different components, such as eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and accessories, on separate layers using software like Procreate or Photoshop.

The drawing is then saved as a PSD file and imported into a program like Live 2D Cubism, where it is rigged for movement.

3D VTuber Avatars

The popularity of 3D VTuber avatars is significant, and many streamers have both 2D and 3D avatars that they switch between. However, like with 2D avatars, the quality of a 3D avatar largely depends on the skill of the modeler. Prices for 3D avatars can range from as little as 50 USD to as much as 1000 USD.

For those without experience in 3D modeling, VRoid Studio is a user-friendly program that can help create basic avatars. However, if you have experience, you can create a more visually dynamic avatar. There are many YouTube tutorials available to guide you through the creation process.

PNGTuber Avatars

If you are new to streaming and VTubing looking to dip your toes into the world of VTubing without breaking the bank?

Consider starting with a PNGTuber avatar! With its simple design and low cost, a PNGTuber avatar is the perfect option for beginners who want to build a following before investing in a more expensive 2D or 3D avatar.

Creating your own PNGTuber avatar is easy with software like Procreate, Gimp, or Clip Studio Paint. Don’t have the artistic skills to make your own? No problem! You can purchase a PNGTuber avatar from sites like Etsy or Fiverr.

Once you have a PNG avatar, using it in your streams is a breeze with Discord Reactive Images. With just two PNGs, you can add visual interest to your streams by having your avatar change with your voice. It’s simple and easy to use, making it the go-to platform for many PNGTubers.

So what are you waiting for? Start building your VTubing followers with a PNGTuber avatar today and join ENVtuber.agency !


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